Exciting New Additions Announced for SCCSHOW's 10th Year Anniversary

Are you excited about joining us this Sunday, July 28th from 10am to 4pm for our 10th Anniversary Saratoga Classic and Cool Car Show in Downtown Saratoga? Please read through the entire post below for everything SCCSHOW related that you cannot miss and check out our official car show site at www.sccshow.com for all the updates!

This is a free event for the public to attend and enjoy over 300 colorful, classic, and cool cars gathering in beautiful Historic Saratoga Village along Big Basin Way. Unlike other shows, you will see American, foreign, and specialty vehicles of all years, makes and models, ranging from the 1900′s, to the classics and muscle cars of the 50′s, 60′s, the ’70s, as well as modern and exotic cars from local car collections, museums, and dealers. Live radio broadcasts from the sidewalks and live classic rock by Chubby’s All-Stars will set the mood for this year’s show. We will have three “free” large shuttles picking up and dropping off attendees between West Valley College free Lot 5 parking area and our big show in Downtown Saratoga, including App based ride share stopping areas and various parking nearby.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT FROM THE SCCSHOW TEAM: We have exciting news to share with you all as we kick-off car week, and these additions are free to the public to experience! Have you or your kids ever dreamed to be in a real Army Tank like GI Joe for the day....well two real Army Tanks will be at our Show, including other military vehicles to check out! Have you ever wanted to be a Top Gun Pilot in a real Fighter Jet Cockpit....yes, the jet will be at our Show too. Have you ever wanted to be a Dino Ranger in Jurassic Park venturing off-road in search of lost Dinosaurs....well you will be able to see a real Jurassic Park Jeep at our show that will get you through that Jurassic jungle. How about sitting behind the wheel of a real Nascar and changing the tires between pit stops.....this Sunday will be that opportunity to do so! Excited....? Bring your camera and biggest smile for some great photo opportunities and memories to be made at the show. (Scroll down below for photos and more info.....)

These are just some of many exciting parts of the show which make this a great bay Area event destination for you and your family and friends to spend this Sunday with us all, including enjoying all the cars, live music, food, vendor and sponsors, and much...much more, including a special appearance by the Stella Artois Airstream! See you all this Sunday, July 28th from 10 to 4pm in Downtown Saratoga for the 10th Anniversary of Saratoga's Classic and Cool Car show!

If you have any questions, please email us at sccshow@outlook.com or you can join a live CHAT (if active) with us while checking out our SCCSHOW official website www.sccshow.com

Thank you for making our show great and please spread the word!


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